Fishing Kaki and the Murray cod

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It was Ebb Tide Tackle’s pleasure to have Mr. Fishing Kaki – Mr. Luke Meow Bear from Singapore in the course of the most recent couple of days.

Our objective was to acquaint Luke with a Murray cod or brilliant roost and since we have been as of late dialed in at the all-year open Lake Eildon in northeast Victoria we were discreetly hopeful.

In commonplace structure for the spring of 2016, the climate was awful; squalls, whitecaps, downpour and an absolute bottom indicator – angling was intense.

Regardless of being toward it, we angled long and hard, nightfall to first light on Saturday; “you won’t get them when you’re on the sofa” as is commonly said.

Our one-shot came in the primary hour of Saturday, my accomplice Lydia strolling a Kuttafurra Mud Honey over a profound water vertical obstacle in 14 meters, blast.

She was belted with the draw close to 4 meters under the surface, unmistakably this fish was up to bolster.

It was evident this was a decent fish anyway I didn’t exactly envision how great.

Lydia dealt with it like a master, and after the photograph’s the mandatory boast tangle shot indicated it simply missed the mark regarding the enchantment meter – or did it? you be the judge by the photograph.

That was the part of the arrangement activity for us.

We sounded up some strong brilliant roost who might not play.

We invest an all-inclusive exertion (as we typically do) yet the fish appeared to have lockjaw.

A feature among the poop climate was seeing Luke score a long and lean dark colored trout at 64cm’s while we focused on goldens, a species first for him! Ok well.

He will simply need to return one year from now to get his cod! As a side note, we remained in the superb Jerusalem Creek ‘Boatells’ – I can’t suggest these enough.

They make angling the lake a semi extravagance experience and there is noticing like venturing straightforwardly off the vessel into a hot shower toward the day’s end.

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